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Mulu is a professional translation company which offers exceptional language expertise. We have an experienced team, competitive prices, and a process that adheres to international translation standards.

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Mulu is a translation company that has been providing high quality, professional translation services for individuals, organizations, and businesses of all sizes. Many customers feel that Mulu has the highest translation standards in Ethiopia.

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Our Professional Translators are Native Speakers

In order for us to live up to our promise of outstanding service, each job is assigned to linguists with specializations in Ethiopian languages.

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Our Mission

To solve all translation challenges around Ethiopian languages.

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Ethiopian Language Translations
We are adding new languages soon

Afan Oromo

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1. Do you translate other languages?

We will be adding new languages to our translation services soon, however, our focus is Ethiopian languages to and from other international languages.

How quickly can my document be translated?

We have expedited turnaround times for additional fees. Depending on the amount of translation required, we are able to translate documents within 24 hours. Our standard turnaround time is 3-5 days for documents up to 20 pages.

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